31 July
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Pineapple Powder

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Company name
Hainan Nicepal Industry Co.Ltd
Product located
China, China, Haikou
Brand name
Product features
Good solubility,NO Synthetic pigments,No Essence ,No preservatives
Product status
Raw materials
Product type
Bulk, Inorganic
Primary package
carton /Drum
Amount in the package
15 kg. per carton
Shelf life
18 months
Country original
Shipment terms
Product description
Pineapple is one of the four famous fruit in Hainan, Characterized by its rich nutrition and full bo0died flavor. Nicepal pineapple powder is selected from Hainan fresh pineapple as raw material, made by the world most famous spray dried technology and processing, which keeps its nutrition and aroma of fresh pineapple well. Features: The pineapple powder is more than 90% purity, just adding maltodextrin as a carrier. Keep fresh nutrition and pure pineapple flavor, good instant No synthetic pigments, no chemical essences or flavors and no preservative agents. Application: 1) Use for solid beverage, mixed fruit juice drinks 2) Use for Ice cream, pudding or other desserts 3) Use for health care products 4) Use for snack seasoning, sauces, condiments 5) Use for baking food Natural Spray Dried Pineapple Juice Powder / Pineapple Powder/ Pineapple Drink Powder Nutrition Information Content per 100g Nutrition facts Content Nutrition facts Content VC 72.88mg Fructose 2.26g Glucose 51.17g K 362.56mg Ca 82.5mg Mg 47.47mg Mn 5.75mg Zn 1.48mg Packing: 5kg/bag, 3bags/ctn, as per your requirement Stored: cool, ventilated, dried place preservation Shelf: 18 months under well storage situation and stored away from direct sun light Free samples for testing! Natural Spray Dried Pineapple Juice Powder / Pineapple Powder/ Pineapple Drink Powder Physical and Chemical Indicators Appearance: powder, powder loosing, no agglomeration, no visible impurity Color: yellow, light yellow Odor: odor of fresh pineapple Ingredient: Natural lemon 90% Solubility: ≥ 92% Water: ≤ 5% Colony-Forming Units: < 1000 Coliform: ≤ 40 Molds: ≤ 50 Salmonella: Not detected Shigella: Not detected Staphy lococcus aureus: Not detected

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