10 June
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Kosher Halal Certified Morinda Citrifolia Noni Powder

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Hainan Nicepal Industry Co.Ltd
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Product features
Good solubility,NO Synthetic pigments,No Essence ,No preservatives
Product status
Raw materials
Product type
Packed, Inorganic
Primary package
carton /Drum
Amount in the package
15 kg. per carton
Shelf life
18 months
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Product description
Kosher Halal Certified Morinda Citrifolia Noni Powder Noni is known as Morinda Citrifolia.Thousands of years ago, the people living in the South Pacific discovered a small flowering shrub"Noni tree" , the fruit of the body that was rich in human body cells, and had a physical effect.It can be well applied as the ingredients for weight loss ,healthcare products. Nicepal Noni enzyme powder is selected from fresh noni fruit in Hainan, it's 100% ALL NATRUAL,made by the world's most advanced spray-drying technology and processing, which keeps its nutrition and aroma of fresh noni fruit well,WITHOUT adding any preservatives, essence or synthetic pigment. Kosher Halal Certified Morinda Citrifolia Noni Powder NUTRITION INFORMATION: Protein 1.5g Fat 1.3g Carbohydrate 92.2g Dietary fiber 1.4g K 417mg Ca 180mg Mg 22mg Na 114mg VA 31mg Zn 0.23mg Carotene 374mg Se 600mg VC 228.3mg P 40mg Niacin 1.084mg VE 0.73mg APPLICATION: 1) Use for beverage 2) Use for Ice cream, pudding or other desserts 3) Use for health care products 4) Use for snack seasoning, sauces, condiments 5) Use for baking food 6)Use for dairy products SAMPLES CAN BE SUPPLIED FOR APPROVAL BY FREE! FACTORY AUDIT IS ACCEPTABLE!

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