18 July
halal certified frozen chicken - product's photo
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Halal Certified Frozen Chicken

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Bella Zill Food Products
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Halal Certified
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Bulk, Inorganic
Product description
We can supply kinds of frozen chicken whole and cuts of Brazil origin . Whole frozen chicken . Frozen chicken wings . Frozen chicken legs . Frozen chicken hearts and kind cuts Features: . Feather off . Well cleaned and fresh . No bruise . No broken bone (less than 5%) . No black flaw (less than 3%) . No amount of moisture (less than 5%) Specifications: - White skin - No broken bones - Outer yellow skin off - Well cleaned and fresh - No bruises - No black pads or ammonia burns - No bad smells - No excessive blood or blood stains - Moisture content is less than 3% PACKING AND LOADING... Packing carton contains 4 poly bags x 5kg/per bag=20kg/per carton Total 27 MT of frozen whole chicken using 40’ high-Q container stored at -18oC

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